Andy is an engineer and retired US Army helicopter pilot. He had the first inspiration for Tactigon while attending flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama over 10 years ago, and with the help of his family and close friends he refined the mechanics, board design, and ruleset to what it is today. Andy currently lives outside Dallas with his wife and 8 (yes, 8) children. When not working on Tactigon or his day job, Andy enjoys coaching his kids’ baseball teams.


It could be said that Nolan, a mechanical engineer, has largely had a career as a professional problem solver. Ranging from paper mills, computer systems, property management and innovation ideation, Nolan doesn’t let too much time pass before getting involved in the next exciting project or adventure, Tactigon included! He enjoys traveling and doing many various outdoor activities with his wife and two young kids. 


Brandon is a passionate storyteller and professional cinematographer who grew up in Western Massachusetts. Behind the lens of a traditional film camera or shot from an aerial drone, there isn’t a tool or medium that Brandon isn’t comfortable using to capture the moment in the best way possible. From weddings to short-films or real estate, He has captured countless subjects and settings. Brandon enjoys an active lifestyle playing league sports and traveling. He currently resides in Boston with his wife, Michelle.